Long term travel, The perfect job for a job interview

By , June 16, 2011 6:00 am

Long term travel is an amazing experience. It’s captivating, educational, challenging, and inspirational. Those who have done it have laptops and smartphones full of photos of far away places and email addresses from those whom they’ve spent a few days with; sharing taxis, hostels, hikes, museums, beach side bars and overnight trains.

Let’s face it though. Most of us aren’t witty travel writers and we’re not glamorous TV stars. We’re not going to spend the rest of our lives traveling the world, submitting creative blog posts or poignant documentaries from exotic distant lands. Of course there are those doing it, but they’re the minority in the global travel community. The travel community is made up of people like you and me. Most who mark the calendars, strap on a backpack and look forward to scuba diving, mountain trekking and passport stamps are the temporary traveller. We’re able to take 3-12 months and head out into the world – seeking to learn about the unknown in other countries, and deep within ourselves. Sooner or later, the trip will come to a conclusion and you’ll be back in the job market, nervously anticipating sitting across the table from a prospective employer in an interview.

Was your trip a waste of time?

Was it a job killer?

Honestly . . . no.

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Meet, Plan, Go! Seattle

By , June 12, 2011 7:05 pm

It was a great time for everyone! Christine and I are proud to be the hosts for the 2011 Meet Plan Go extravaganza this October. This past week, we hosted a Meet Plan Go get together at Paddy Coyne’s in South Lake Union. It was a really fun evening and had almost 30 people show up! – not bad!! Meet, Plan, Go! founders Michaela Plotter and Sherry Ott were even on hand to celebrate the travel wishes and plans of those who attended.

Meet, Plan, Go! (MPG) is a wonderful website that brings together people with an interest in travel. Those who have travelled the world, those who are planning to travel, and those who have no idea if they can but it sounds cool. MPG is leading the career break movement in North America; encouraging and teaching others how to travel the world and have it be beneficial to your career. They envision a world where the term ‘career break’ is a part of everyone’s overall career strategy.

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Ganesha, The Remover of Obstacles

By , April 27, 2011 9:05 pm

When we finally landed in Edinburgh, and we were rather excited to stay in one place for a while. It was really easy to move in – we dropped the backpacks, took a sigh, looked around . . . and that was pretty much it. Quickly, we started exploring our surroundings and began our quest for work. We were moved in, but we weren’t quite settled. Over the coming weeks, something just didn’t feel right. Christine had a wonderfully insightful conversation with Lacey one night and it soon became apparent . . . our home was gunked up. Our visually inviting, welcoming, light and airy flat was emotionally dark. It was a spiritually stunted location that silently creaked and moaned under its own extra-dimentional essence. The path to a proper solution was evident, we needed to cleanse our home.

Honestly . . . our flat was infested with bad mojo!

Lacey was brilliant and offered us a multi-pronged solution.

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Stop Dreaming . . . Start Packing!

By , April 13, 2011 3:13 pm

Needless to say, the past two years have been an amazing journey for us. We’re so appreciative of those who have not only followed our website and made comments, viewed our photos on Flickr, but those with whom we’ve been able to create friendships with as a result of traveling. We’ve enjoyed meting fellow travelers who’ve shared stories with us in remote bus stations, rice patties and mountain trails. It’s even been a joy to have chatted with the locals that we’ve met walking down the street, tending stalls or restaurants and even approaching us on their scooter while we’ve been riding on our scooter down the street! ” . . . HI! Where you from??!! . . . ” We’ve not only created friendships as we’ve traveled, but as a result of this experience, we’ve even created some strong friendships now that we’ve returned and are back in Seattle.

It was a journey that included selling all our possessions, leaving the country, getting married, traveling to 17 countries in 13 months, living in Edinburgh Scotland for five months, and ultimately, returning and resettling our lives in Seattle. It was a long path of preparation in so many aspects: saving, budgeting, purging possessions, planning destinations, buying tickets and countless other boxes to check as we prepared to cast off our bowlines and seek the far shore. There were so many things to think about that, when looked at all at once, could potentially make your head spin and fall off. The biggest question from those whom we told of our trip while still in the planning stage seemed to be: How is it even possible to do something like this??!!

The simple answer is, it’s easier than you think! A lot easier.

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Christmas Poll

By , December 22, 2010 11:50 am

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Merry Christmas from Bert and Patty!

By , December 10, 2010 11:15 am

Gosh, how time flies. It’s Christmas again, can you believe it!? I hope each and every one who is reading this post is happy and healthy and enjoying this holiday season.

And, now that I got that out of the way, I’m not sure where to start so I will start by saying that every year we’ve written a Christmas letter, but this year, we are doing this post instead.

Let’s see, where to start, where to start??!! I think I will summarize the year and what an amazing year indeed. Last year at this time we were heading down the East Coast of Australia: “A Dingo Ate My Baby”, enjoying some fun in the sun, meeting other travelers and getting ready to spend the holidays with our friends Sonya, Aaron and their families/friends: “Our Time In Melbourne”. Aussie holidays are amazing as they are filled with much food (especially meat—can you imagine one meal consisting of roast beef, ham, seafood, sausages, turkey and steak?) and equal amounts of alcohol. These people know how to celebrate life and friendships and do so at the drop of a hat. We really like that and felt so privileged to have gotten to be a part of it.

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St Andrews Day in Edinburgh

By , November 29, 2010 10:05 pm

So, this weekend is a big holiday across Scotland, yep – you guessed it – St. Andrews Day. A day when everyone celebrates by bagpipe competitions, wee Scottie Dog races, Haggis eating contests, eating deep fried Mars bars, stone throwing competitions, bushiest beard contests, and fireworks. Celebrating St Andrews, this is a day when bakeries create “little blue St Andrews day gingerbread men” and children of all ages go door to door giving little bags of sticks and pebbles to elderly people.

Well, OK – most of that is made up. Actually, I guess it’s all made up.

There has been a whole weekend of festivities marking the occasion, all across Scotland. From ceilidhs (kay-lees, traditional Scottish dancing), to food festivals, free music and even fireworks. Sorry, no Scottie dog races but it was your chance to hear The Red Hot Chilli Pipers!

St Andrews Day is celebrated on 30 November, but there is a whole weekend of events. It marks the feast day of Saint Andrew, the patron Saint of Scotland. No one is really sure how it happened, there are legends and stories from every part of Scotland, but what is known is that St Andrew was crucified on a cross that was in the form of an “X” – a Saltire.

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An Ingenious Medievil Burglar Alarm

By , November 20, 2010 11:22 am

Let’s say you were rather wealthy. Let’s say you lived in Britain the 1700’s. Let’s go so far to say you lived in Edinburgh at the time, and enjoyed a residence in the city that was close to your office in the bank, the your medical practice, or other place of employment for person of stature and cunning, such as yourself.

Back in the day, there was no “Brinks”, no “ADT” no home security. No motion lights, no CCTV, not even a webcam to watch over you in your slumber or when your away.

So, how did you keep all your cool stuff safe from threat of theft?

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By , November 16, 2010 10:03 pm

Let’s go back in time. Let’s close our eyes (our mental eyes) and drift to another place. Another time. Sit back in your chair, relax and let the mental journey begin. The place for our time traveling imaginary journey is Edinburgh, and the time . . . . well, how about the 1600’s.


It’s easy to walk the cobbled city streets. The main thoroughfare is the “Royal Mile” It gets its name because it is the main street that connects the castle upon an extinct volcano with the royal palace to the east, you guessed it . . . a mile away. And since it’s only a half a mile wide, it’s a very compact city. As you can walk around, you can see that there isn’t much space for all the people milling about selling goods, walking the streets, running public houses and controlling the local government – as well as the prostitutes, petty thieves and derelicts.

And then you look up . . .

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Remember, Remember the Fifth of November

By , November 6, 2010 3:47 am

I don’t think that any other person has had so much to do with shaping British History and folklore than a man named Guy Fawkes. At 35 years of age, Guy Fawkes would do one of the most unimaginable things at the time. He was discovered leaving the a room in a cellar beneath the House of Lords and he gave a fictitious name to the agent who discovered him (no, I agree, that’s not a big deal). You see, the next day, the House of Lords – also known as the upper house of Parliament – was scheduled to open and it was to packed full of Lords, MP’s, and the presence of King James himself (becoming more intrigued?). Well, the room was stuffed with firewood, and underneath the firewood? . . . 36 barrels of gunpowder! Enough gunpowder to not only blow up the House of Lords above it and kill everyone in the room, but more than that, it would have almost certainly decimated the entire Palace of Westminster. It also turns out that when Guy Fawkes was caught leaving the cellar, he had a pocket full of fuses as well.

King James had been tipped off to one of the biggest terrorist plots of its time, and had dispatched men to search the building for who and what could cause such impending destruction – and as it turns out – he was just in time.

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