Ganesha, The Remover of Obstacles

By , April 27, 2011 9:05 pm

When we finally landed in Edinburgh, and we were rather excited to stay in one place for a while. It was really easy to move in – we dropped the backpacks, took a sigh, looked around . . . and that was pretty much it. Quickly, we started exploring our surroundings and began our quest for work. We were moved in, but we weren’t quite settled. Over the coming weeks, something just didn’t feel right. Christine had a wonderfully insightful conversation with Lacey one night and it soon became apparent . . . our home was gunked up. Our visually inviting, welcoming, light and airy flat was emotionally dark. It was a spiritually stunted location that silently creaked and moaned under its own extra-dimentional essence. The path to a proper solution was evident, we needed to cleanse our home.

Honestly . . . our flat was infested with bad mojo!

Lacey was brilliant and offered us a multi-pronged solution.


Ganesha, Ganesh, Vinayaka, Ganapati, Pillaiyar. However you identify with this deity, you cannot ignore his power and purpose. The Lord of Beginnings and the Remover of Obstacles, Ganesha was the foundation of our new beginning. We were advised to create and prominently display an image of Ganesha.

Thanks to Google Images and our new wireless printer, this task was completed rather quickly. Our new flatmate Ganesha was printed and posted over our dining table. His gaze was met by all who entered as he continuously and effortlessly kept a guarded watch over us. Now with Ganesha, we had fulfilled the first step of our cleanse.


We each had one. The purpose of our individual stone was to absorb the bad energy in our flat. Not just any stones mind you. These were to be between a shoe and a loaf of bread in size. Our special stones were to be found lying on the earth itself. Nothing from atop a mountain, nor the bottom of a creek or stream. Coming from direct contact with the earth, these stones were pure and free from bad energy and ready to begin the task of absorbing the bad energy in our lives and in our home. We placed our respective stones under the chairs of our desk/dining room table. We had fun with this part. Sometimes we’d pick up our stones and pet them or talk to them, encouraging them and congratulating them on the vital task they were performing.

After around two weeks when we felt that our stones had absorbed the negativity and general bad spirit our our flat, we returned them to the earth. This was easier said than done since Scotland was experiencing the coldest December in almost 400 years!!!! There was snow everywhere!! We took our stones to the parkspace across the street and dug into the snow, placing them on the bare earth. This would allow the earth to re-absorb the bad energy, completing this portion of our purification.


The burning of Sage goes back centuries. Aztecs, Celtic druids, North American Indians and indiginous people of the Amazon have all used the burning of Sage to purify and cleanse mind, spirit and area. To properly burn Sage in ritual, one would utilize White Sage and a ceremonious earthenware or hammered silver bowl. For us a white soup bowl would be our chalice of salvation and purity.

Tesco provided the crushed Sage, and once we wrapped them in a beautiful envelope of notebook paper, they were set alight. We went from room to room, each of us with our smoldering Sage in hand. Waving our packets of spice, the smoke wafting behind us, within 10 minutes we found ourselves with a ritualistically cleansed, if not smoke filled abode anticipating the inevitable blare of the smoke alarm!

Did it work? Well, waking up the next morning our place felt better (if only it smelt better!). Not only was the spirit our home cleansed, but our spirits were cleansed as well.

We were on track for a new beginning . . . again . . . and it felt good.

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  1. lacey says:

    I LOVE this Article!! Ganesha is the Remover of Obstacles and certainly will shift things right along in a person’s life!! The part about the Rocks and returning them back to earth when there was snow on the ground is so Funny!!! I Love it!!

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