Garage Sale Saturday

By , June 2, 2009 9:52 am

Garage SaleWell, I have a hard time believing it but we’re down to the last two months. There are still many things to cross off our checklist as we get ready for our departure day. The promising thing is, every week the list is getting smaller. We spent a good deal of time last week gathering items for our garage sale this coming Saturday. Garage sales aren’t a seasonal occurrence for us. Come to think of it I’ve only done one, maybe two garage sales in my life. Neither Christine or I are packrats, hoarders or collectors of all things chachki. We’re really good at leaving stores empty handed and only buying only what we really need. We don’t seem to go on shopping splurges. If we do go on a splurge – it’s in no way extravagant. I love shopping for clothes, and Christine doesn’t. But we’re good at not overbuying. If we buy some new clothes, shoes, jeans or underwear – something old must go. That way we don’t give in to splurge shopping and are conscious of how our money is spent. Besides, our closets are only 4 feet wide!

The notion of a garage sale is a funny thing. People have been using garage sales to recycle and reuse. Long before recycling became an environmental cliche, celebrity jargon or corporate advertising buzzword. Useful items, forgotten items, memories and a little junk thrown in too. It all goes into the driveway, front lawn or sidewalk along the street. Colorful signs are made and strategically stapled or taped to light poles along the streets to draw people in. Music playing on the laptop to help pass the time. Little price tags are made and stuck to everything. $6? $2? $4? It cost $20 new . . . How do you put a price on things that you don’t want anymore that you hope others are willing to pay to take from you?

When I was a kid it must have been a lot easier. Check the paper for garage sales, follow the signs through a neighborhood, check it out and buy it. Nowadays, we have so many options – eBay, craigslist, gumtree, newspaper classifieds, and a host of other online trade/swap/give sites that are becoming readily available. What I hate most about garage sales is the trouble. Is it worth your time to go through all this to make $100? What about $70? What if people don’t like your stuff? What if they don’t buy what you have? Does that mean that you have bad taste? Would it just be easier to take it all to Goodwill or Value Village, drop it all off and forget about it? Then you could spend the day being more productive . . . like going for a hike, watching a movie, or just hanging out enjoying a warm and sunny Saturday.

I’m looking at this garage sale with the utmost optimism. We’ll get up really early, put our stuff on tables in the driveway, hang out in the shade and play some cribbage or listen to music, an see if anyone is interested in our valuable discard. Hopefully, as the day passes, we’ll get to tell others of upcoming adventure that has been preceded by this cleansing of stuff.

Garage sale? Maybe not. . . I see it as a sort of fundraiser or charity event . . .

“Donate to the Bert & Patty travel the world fund . . . ”

“Help a couple of kids with their adventure . . .”

. . . I like it.

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  1. Wilma says:

    kids? 🙂 hope you cashed in good! i bet you met a bunch of interesting people, eh? i sure have at yard sales. did that pan ‘tower’ thing go? the one that holds the pans? i should have bought that from you….. 🙂 oh! i found the perfect happy hour, it’s at an english bar, i’ll find out where and call you guys. bye! W

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