Our Time in Melbourne

By , December 17, 2009 2:13 am

AaronI want to take a moment to tell you about our visit with ‘real Aussies’. These Aussies live in Melbourne. The first is named Aaron and I met him at a hostel in Amsterdam in 2001. We had a great time exploring that wacky city and at the same time realized that we both lived in NYC a few blocks from one another. So, once back in the states, we became friends and when Sonya (the second Aussie friend) came to visit Aaron in NYC, we really hit it off. I think we spent more time together than they did and for sure we had a great time. If you don’t have Aussie friends, you better go out and find some! They are really good fun.

Christine and SonyaAnyways, it was so great to see them again. I’ve been here 2 other times (the last time was 6 years ago) so it was good to share them with Paul. Aaron had us the first weekend and our first stop was Blagowrie, which is out by the beach. We visited his parents and grandma and just had a blast. These Aussies sure know how to have a great time. Aaron made some kangaroo rolls which were really tasty. He took kangaroo, mixed it with spices and wrapped it in pastry–Yum! and we spent the evening, playing records (his step-mum, DJ Margie spun the toons all night long), we sang, played maracas, spoons, and the tambourine. Oh boy were we were a sight to see. It was a very fun evening. Really good to see his family again.

The next few days, we stayed at a beach house. Some of Aaron’s friend’s met us there and we chilled in this great house right on the beach. We played in the surf, cooked seafood, played trivial pursuit, and went to this wacky junkyard and got molested by the foul mouthed lady, named Marie, who owns it (right Lanky Legs!!). The next day we went to Wilson’s Prom–usually a great place to see kangaroos and other wildlife but we really didn’t see much until we were just about ready to leave and two emus (2 meter tall birds like ostriches) came running across our path. Very cool.

The next weekend it was Sonya’s turn to have us. We had spent a couple of days in Tasmanie and were tired and Sonya was tired from a hard week at work so we had a lovely time sipping coffees and chatting. It was raining so we took her to the new Costco. At first she wasn’t so interested but once she got in there, she was hooked–we even went back the next day to get her a membership. I really loved going there as I think after 4 months of traveling, I’m feeling a bit homesick and Costco is a great fix. The next night, Sonya took us out to her parent’s farm for dinner. But first we drove around and found about 30 kangaroos in the paddock and an echidna (this porcupine type animal). Was pretty cool. Paul’s first Kangaroo (that was alive anyways). Afterwards, we feasted on a wonderful lamb dinner that her mom made.

Our last weekend, we got back Melbourne late Saturday night from Ayers Rock and the next day, Sunday, Aaron had his annual Christmas Barbeque. The problem was, it was raining so we had a picnic instead. Let me tell you, it started at 1 p.m. and didn’t end until about 11 that evening. These people know how to celebrate the holidays and you should have seen the food–sandwiches on homemade bread, a delectable desert made by their French friend, dips and lots of alcohol. It was really good. The next couple of days were spent in downtown Melbourne and with Aaron and Sonya saying “good-bye”. It was so good to see them again. I really didn’t want to leave. Miss them already.

Aaron invited us to Melbourne for the holidays and we were lucky enough to get some good plane tickets so it looks like we will be coming back for the holidays. First stop, Sonya’s family, then Aaron’s mom’s and then a trip out to the beach for a few days. Apparently, it’s an annual thing at his dad’s house. About 40 people come out, pitch some tents and celebrate the new year. We will stay a few days (to attend the pre-ejaculation party which is the party before New Years) and then head back to Sydney for New Years Eve. It’s really different and very nice having the holidays smack dab in the middle of summer–so much more festive with barbeques and beaches. And with that, I’m going to end with “Happy Holidays”!!

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