Our Bride & Groom Party

By , May 3, 2009 7:50 pm

our-wonderful-cakeSo, what a wonderful night our Bride Groom party was—great friends, good food, good drink, decorations, and wacky outfits (well, for Paul and me anyway). I just didn’t want it to end; and it did so fast. Today, while we did laundry, I kept thinking about big weddings and how you spend just so much money for only a few hours. I wonder if people feel depressed afterwards or just high with memories. Well, I can tell you, I sure don’t feel depressed. I smile when I think about how lucky we are to have such great friends. So, let me tell you about the night . . . it started at a local hotel with my best friend Barb and her husband, Rob in charge. We arrived to find the room decorated with confetti and balloons—so cool! Not long after we arrived, here comes my old friend Sylvia, who had made a beautiful two tiered cake decorated with maroon flowers and ribbon.

Can you believe she even cared so much as to find out what color our wedding outfits will be in September and made the cake to match.

cutting-our-cakeThen, came the friends, Carmen, Cordelle, Evelyn and Brant, Wendi, Inga and Matt, Bob and Angela, Julia and Dan, Eric and Frankie Lee and finally the late bird (always one to make an entrance) Lisa and the party began. The group was made to answer a quiz about us, the bride and groom—Angela won but I’m thinking she had a little help—there’s no way she could know so much about us.

And then it was the wacky outfits—Barb was so sweet and made us t-shirts with a picture of us that read “Future Mr. and Mrs. Milton” and her daughter picked out some wacky wedding Mickey Mouse ears for both of us. Mine had a veil and Paul’s had a little top hat and bow. Though we felt a bit silly at first, soon we forgot all about them and were busy enjoying our friends, food and drink. We had to wear these get-ups the entire night. After visiting for a while and cutting the cake, we headed to Ozzie’s for a little karaoke action.

singin-karaokeUs girls sang “Like a Virgin” and all I can say is thank God there weren’t very many people there yet because I’m sure it was a bit scary. Paul, on the other hand, sang every song at the top of his lungs on the sidelines, at the table. He refused to actually go up with a microphone and sing a proper karaoke number— maybe next time. Unfortunately, before we knew it, the night was over.

The next morning we got to sleep in. Then we spent the rest of the morning talking, not only about our adventures, but about their families and lives. We’re so lucky to have such dear friends.

The Bride/Groom party may have lasted only for an evening, but getting to be with everyone and share some great times will stay in our hearts forever.

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