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Changing of the Guards, Athens Greece

By , July 19, 2010 1:50 pm

While in Athens, we were happy to find there are several things to do that are free. One of the things we found was not only free, but is also an important part of the Hellenic military history. Not far from the Acropolis, just off of one of the main squares, is the Governments Parliament building. In front of the Parliament is the “Tomb of the Unknown Soldier”. A simple and powerful stone wall monument with a relief of a fallen man. Every hour, twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year they perform this routine. It has become quite a tourist attraction and tour buses queue up behind each other while hoards of gawking tourists with cameras in their hands and matching tour bus stickers plastered to their chests pour out and fill the open space in front of the tomb – like excited and aggressive ticket holders rushing the stage and elbowing each other for a better view at a free Rolling Stones concert!

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Santorini & Anafi, Greece

By , July 16, 2010 8:00 pm

Ahhh . . . Santorini – can you say “amazing”. I’ve seen the photos for years and let me tell you, it is ten times prettier in real life. But, it’s funny because when we arrived in Santorini on our ferry, we were expecting to be greeted by the famous white buildings with the blue domes and we were met with a dingy port and people trying to get to us stay in their accommodations. Are we on the right island? where are the buildings in the photos? Well, as it turned out, it took a a day or two until we actually saw them as we were staying on the other side of the island in a cool beach area called Perissa.

Perissa Beach, as it turns out, was a pretty happening place–the sand is pitch black and very fine which means it gets scorching hot during the day. It is also lined with tavernas and cafes on one side of the street and beach with chairs and umbrellas on the other. So, if you eat or drink at one of the establishments, you are most likely able to strike up a deal with a free chair and umbrella.

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My Big Fat Greek Birthday ! !

By , July 12, 2010 2:45 am

PINCH ME!! I still can’t believe we are actually in Greece, let alone Mykonos. What a perfect place to celebrate my birthday – in the land of my ancestors. We are staying at Mykonos Camping and yes, there are tents here but hey, how else can we travel for so long, right. Our ‘private double’ was more like a shed you would have in your back yard but instead of it being 100% metal, it had a metal frame and was covered with canvas. Inside was a nice double bed cot and a light but what more do you need, we are in Mykonos for God sakes! The surprising part of it all was the grounds – these are not the campgrounds I know and love, these were amazing; a pool that overlooked the ocean, a bar, a DJ, a grocery store, a restaurant and a self service cafeteria. The infinity pool was surrounded by relaxing lounge chairs and trendy wicker chairs. There was a second level that had beanbag chairs and tables to sit and sip a cocktail while overlooking the gorgeous sea. So, we may be sleeping in a shed but the grounds were like a 5 star hotel.

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Strike Four . . . We’re Out!

By , July 10, 2010 3:45 pm

We rose with the sun and quietly snuck out of our hostel room so we didn’t wake the four others that were still sleeping off last nights drinks and good times. Wow, that sounds odd to say. We haven’t been in a hostel for the past six months. Since Australia last December. It’s not that we don’t like hostels – we lived out of them for the first five months of our trip – it’s just that from January through June – we haven’t needed to. Throughout South East Asia, they just don’t exist. The cost of a proper guesthouse/hotel is over half, and sometimes even a quarter of what it costs to stay in the dorm of a hostel. So, now we’re back in Europe, and back in hostels. Yea! Big change!

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