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Easter Sunday on the Lake

By , April 12, 2009 9:58 am

easter_bunny.jpgWell, it’s Easter weekend and we’ve packed our bags and taken a roadtrip 2 hours east and an hour north of Seattle to Lake Chelan in central Washington State. In a small community along the shore of Lake Chelan, 99 lots make up this 1950’s era summer enclave of eclectic small houses and live-in trailers. (99 lots, not 100 Jordyn – and yes, I’m still waiting for my dollar) Their streets are called rows and the main vehicle to get back and forth from the beach and the neighbors is the humble golf cart. Some are new, some are classic and some even have flames and pinstripes. Only a handful of families live here full time, most of these are occupied only in the summer where the atmosphere is full of warm sun, late nights with cocktails, laughter and boisterous conversation. They collectively make up the Lake Chelan Yacht Club, but it is in no way as pretentious as it sounds. Everyone is family here. Neighbors stop by for drinks and conversation and even show up in the morning for a cup of coffee and share stories of how the previous evening went. This place never fails to mesmerize me and make me sad to leave and the end of the weekend.

Rob and Barb have adopted us as extended family, and we always have a good time when we’re here. They never fail to provide a comfortable home and a never ending feast to us and everyone else that happens to drop by.

We aren’t with my family this weekend, but they are in our thoughts and in our hearts. Happy Easter Dad & Eleanor, Jax & Karl, and Dave & Audrey. Kiss your kids for us and we hope that all of you are safe, healthy and laughing.

All our love – Paul & Christine

Vaccinations suck

By , April 4, 2009 4:51 pm

needle.jpgThere are many fun and way cool things to do to get ready for a trip around the world.  Buy new clothes, get new laptops, build a webpage, new cameras, travel guides, plane tickets, YHA cards, travel visas, thumbdrives, DEET, flip flops and sunglasses.

One of the not-so-fun items on our to do list is getting vaccinations.

Ugh, vaccinations – that necessary evil of leaving behind all the comforts of home and going out into a world that your immune system and digestive system can’t readily handle, not to mention any activities you may feel inclined to do that the safe bubble of daily life doesn’t expose you to.

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Thai delight

By , February 19, 2009 9:06 pm

thai_0.jpgWell, we went out for dinner tonight, something that we don’t regularly do. Usually, we make something for dinner that can last for several days afterwards, and have it for lunches or leftovers. Spaghetti, enchiladas, a big tray of baked chicken thighs, or anything else we can make in mass. We like to repeat the mantra “savings mode” until we’re blue in the face. But I was late to come home from work and we just wanted to sit down and eat, so tonight . . . Phayathai Thai Restaurant!

Golf is the owner and he is so nice, it feels good that he knows who we are.
We don’t go out to eat often anymore, so we go to Phayathai even less frequent, and he still remembers us and is happy to see us each time. I really like giving my business to these types of businesses.

Massam Curry, Spicy Noodles and very cold Singha. A great way to relax for dinner. Sometimes we just need to go out and spend money to remind ourselves how much money we actually are saving.

Post #1 !

By , February 12, 2009 9:54 am

Well, nothing much to see here. I’m just figuring out how to work with WordPress and create this blog. For each issue I solve another pops up. Soon this will be easy but for now . . . .

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