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Let the Adventures Begin!!

By , June 22, 2014 11:21 am
Sound Transit Light Rail

Sound Transit Light Rail

The 6:30am alarm didn’t stand a chance in being helpful this morning . . . we were up already and eager to go. Though our flight wasn’t to leave until after 11am, we were already making coffee, shuffling around the house, and making last minute adjustments to our bags and electronics inventory. Bag . . . check, passports . . . check, music/movies on the tablet . . . check, local currencies and flight info . . . you bet!

The bus arrived at the stop right as we did, which was good because we’d have to wait 35 minutes for the next one, and our transfer to the Light Rail was met with an equally efficient flow – although eight minutes to the next train would’ve been quite easy to accept. We’re not in a hurry anyways . . .

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I’m Leaving! Well, almost.

By , June 15, 2014 2:48 pm
Bertie and her little backpack

Bertie and her little backpack

I’m happy to report that our website Bert and Patty is coming alive with some travel action.  That’s right but most of the travel action is going to be solo–Bert only.  Sad but true.  I will be leaving my sweetie for two months for SE Asia.  Honestly, I’ve had some serious mixed emotions about this but in the end, I’m ‘just doing it’ like our friends at Nike would say.  Dusting off the ol solo travel skills and taking the plunge.  Sure beats a summer in Seattle trying to find stuff to do all day until Paul gets home.  That’s the beauty of working for the public school system.  I think Paul aka Patty will be just fine without me.  He will be busy at work by day and studying by night.  He, will, however come to Beverly Hills with me for 4 amazing days to stay in a posh hotel to include luxurious spa treatments on my birthday (thank you Ellen Degeneres!) before heading to Ontario to visit his family.  Still pinching ourselves about that one.

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Write Around The World

By , October 10, 2012 10:51 am

Christine and I went to see a friend give a talk last night @ Wide World Books and Maps in Wallingford. His name is Mike Lewis, and he used to be Christine’s chiropractor. He had worked hard and built up his practice, his abilities and ultimately his desire to escape his daily life.


Mike had earned his life and didn’t want to waste it, so he felt it was time to cash in on some freedom. The plan was to travel the world solo on his motorcycle with goals of reaching the top and the bottom of our major land masses as he made his around the world west to east, hoping to experience culture and people in a way he never thought possible. The route he took between these “end points” was dictated by among other things, the advice he got on the road, and the weather.


His faithful companion for this adventure was his 2002 BMW R1150 GS Adventure motorcycle that had been adjusted and modified for the years of exposure and abuse in the form of unmaintained roads, washouts and rainy season mud that lay ahead. Mike left Seattle in March 2009 and systematically logged over 60,000 miles, six continents and over 40 countries in his epic journey.

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Meet Plan Go . . . Seattle!

By , October 6, 2012 1:43 pm

It’s that time of year again and Meet Plan Go is coming back to town. Last year, we were fortunate enough to have been the Meet Plan Go Seattle 2011 hosts and had a great time in the process. It allowed us to reflect on our journey (physical/emotional), meet new people and among other things, share our experiences with those with a passion for travel.

This year the torch has been passed to Lori Stone and it will be a great time. We’ll be there as the evenings keynote speakers, and are looking forward to sharing the evening with so many wonderful panelists, travelers and numerous travel stories of inspiration, curiosity and desire.

On October 16th, we’ll be meeting @ “HasOffers” in Seattle neighborhood of Belltown and it will be an inspirational evening for all involved. Find all the details on the MeetPlanGoSeattle page, and tickets are available on EventBrite.

The panellists represent a wide range of travelers and experiences and it’s worth grabbing a drink, sitting on the couch with your laptop/tablet, and exploring their fascinating worlds.

We’re hoping you’ll check out Meet Plan Go in your city (it’s happening in 9 cities in the US, and in Toronto as well) – it’s gonna be a great time!

Off to the Grand Canyon

By , August 10, 2009 12:05 am

P1010751The reasons for our southwest pilgrimage are many, but they all seem to fall into one major premise. To take part in the great American roadtrip. There are so many wonderful things to see around the world it’s easy to forget about the great places and scenery that are in our own front yard. It needed to be seen and it needed to be seen in style. I had this vision of departing Las Vegas in our big convertible from the 1960’s or 70’s. Maroon, Baby Blue, maybe Canary Yellow. A Cadillac? A Pontiac? A Chevy? I’m not particular on the car, it’s the ride through the desert that is in my dream. You know the saying “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey”? That’s how I felt about this. I have this vision: It’s 72 degrees, the top of our luxuriously big convertible land yacht is down and the warm sweet wind is swirling around us. Sunglasses. The music? The Rolling Stones, Pink Martini, Motown or maybe some reggae/ska on the is keeping a lively rhythmic heartbeat with the telephone poles that are whisking by us next to the highway. The bright sun welcomes us and illuminates our 2 lane highway against the surrounding desert like a thin black velvet ribbon laying over a giant fluffy bedspread. In actuality, it’s 110 degrees outside. Our glorious chariot of transport is our 2007 Hyundai Sonata. The windows are tightly sealed closed and the A/C is continually blasting on high. It’s on so high, I’m sure were creating our own hole in the ozone. The sun is so hot it’s burning our arms and legs through the windows. There’s nothing on the radio but country music and religious sermons, and even those are faint and laced with static. Let our Great American Road trip begin ! !

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Thoughts on Las Vegas

By , August 6, 2009 8:11 am

bugsyWell, our time in Las Vegas has come to a close. In an hour we’ll be off to our next destination, like a band on tour heading off the the next stage in another town or a surfer catching the next wave on another beach. The airport shuttle is a curious entity. It’s like a special transport that delivers it’s participants back to the current day and modern time from a world of make believe and leisure, where schedules are meaningless and meetings don’t exist. But unfortunately, every dream has its consequences, and eventually, the shuttle will pick you back up and drive you back to the airport . . . and back to reality.

Las Vegas is a world of its own. I guess it always has been. Who would’ve thought that this simple construction camp of a few hundred workers of the future Union Pacific railway line would blossom into a such a global city. Las Vegas. “The Meadows” in Spanish. Named for the green valley and its life bringing spring waters, it’s an oasis in an otherwise quite inhospitable and barren landscape. From a dusty whistle stop, this city has grown, changed, adapted, developed and thrived into an entity that is synonymous with Coca-Cola, New York City, Microsoft, Budweiser and Marlboro. No matter where you go or who you talk to, whether they’ve been there or not – they know what Las Vegas is all about. Just say the words and people smile. Las Vegas.

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. . . And We’re Off ! ! !

By , August 2, 2009 8:01 am

takeing offIt’s official! We’ve begun our trip!!

Here we are. Seattle-Tacoma International Airport – Sea-Tac. July 31st, 2009. 5:30pm pst. Gate A2. It really is hard to believe that today is the day.

“THE day” . . .

. . . OUR day!

We leave Seattle with our hearts full and memories overflowing. The street we lived on and walked down each day. The bus stop that welcomed me with a bench and a cover from the weather. The laundry in which we washed our clothes, and the wonderful family who worked there. The restaurants and shoppes. The neighborhoods – Ballard, Queen Anne, Captiol Hill, South Lake Union. The buildings where we worked and the buildings where we liked to go after work.

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Goodbye to a Good Friend

By , July 29, 2009 9:58 am

DSC01375Not everything about this trip is easy. Not everything about this trip is fun. Two weeks ago we had a particularly hard week. Tuesday July 21st, Christine and I had to put much loved and spoiled cat Chelsea down. Though it wasn’t an easy decision to make, it had been one that I’d been expecting and dreading for a long time.

Chelsea, or as I called her “Princess Chelsea” ruled my world. Chelsea was a shelter cat. Part of a litter that a family couldn’t keep, or didn’t want to keep. A long haired tabby with golden eyes, Chelsea came into my life in the early 1990’s. She had a littermate Jake who was adopted with her so she could grow up with a playmate and they were always together, either in play or sleep. A few years later, they got a “big” little brother when I came home with a 16 week old Great Pyrenees named Foster (General Lafayette Foster Gumbo Jackson to be respectfully specific, but that’s for another time). When I say “big” little brother, I may be understating it just a touch. I mean mean gargantuan! As a full grown dog Foster had weighed over 160lbs. That didn’t concern Chelsea in the least. She treated him like he was just another cat, albeit, a very big cat.

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“Last Times”

By , July 24, 2009 4:50 pm

P1000736Well, our time in Seattle is rapidly coming to a close. Though we’re now looking forward to the next chapter in our lives, we have also recently been looking back. Looking back to some our favorite places and activities. We stopped working at the end of June so that we could use July to prepare for our upcoming move and trip. Even though there has been a lot to take care of, we’ve been fortunate to have the time to do some things for the “last time”.

It’s a funny thing, a little surreal even, to go to a restaurant, a grocery store, or a neighborhood knowing it will be for the last time. Since we sold our car (you know who you are and thank you) it’s a little tougher to get around. The Seattle bus system – Metro – is great if you’re going North/South but isn’t very effective if you want to go East/West or are in a hurry. Good thing we’re unemployed, we have plenty of time to sit @ the bus stop and wait . . . and wait . . . But this is where our Lonely Planet/Rough Guides come in handy, right?

Though I can’t include everything, here is some of what we’ll miss:

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First stop? LAS VEGAS of course!!

By , July 19, 2009 9:11 pm

RivieraOur first stop in our round the world extravaganza is going to be the famous, the mystical, the magical, and ultimate playground of adult fun and debauchery.

Of course, it can only be one place . . . Las Vegas.

Sin City.
The city that never sleeps.
The City of Second Chances.
The City of Lights.
The City of Lost Wages.

There is an old joke: How do you leave Las Vegas with a small fortune?
Go there with a large fortune!

It’s amazing how many dreams have been created and destroyed along a stretch of road only 4 miles long! But I think that most of those who visit Las Vegas (us included) are expecting to leave their money behind and help pay Nevada Power for all those hypnotizingly wonderful blinking lights. It’s just part of the Las Vegas experience. I don’t know of many people that actually leave Las Vegas with more money than they arrived with.

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