What to Bring??

By , May 15, 2017 5:48 pm

Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to fit all that you hold dear and important into only two suitcases. Each cannot weigh more than 50 pounds or have a combined dimension of 62″. Sounds like you’ll be packing a lot of stuff, doesn’t it?

Think about everything you own in your home, your apartment, your storage, your nooks and crannies, your space – all the stuff that fills it and makes it comfortable, welcoming….yours. Clothes, shoes, books, electronics, games, and memories. What would you need for the next 2.5 years?

What would you pack?


We’re not new to packing light. We take pride in having lived out of our carry-on backpacks when we traveled around the world for 18 months. Pack, weigh, remove extra items, weigh….repeat.

We’re going from where it’s quite chilly to where it’s very, very warm, but we still have to dress up and look professional. We’ll be washing our clothes by hand and hanging them to dry, and walking most places. It also won’t be as easy (or as cheap) to buy/replace our items as they wear out or if it just didn’t get brought, either.

Important items like professional clothing, day off clothing, shoes, school supplies, personal items, and electronics like laptops, phones, tablets, external hard drives, sunglasses, and headphones.

Less important items to have fun with are still equally important – snorkel sets, a portable projector, books, kitchen tools, and extra charging cables, and extra sunglasses and headphones.

We’re scanning the important documents, Craigslist-ing like crazy, and figuring out our new dress code to determine what to bring. We’re reading the blogs and packing lists of other volunteers for tips too. As always, everyone seems to have their own version of  “The Ultimate List” – and somehow they manage to include a guitar, fiddle, specialty towels, or hand crank radio!


Our most used item seems to be the hand held scale we’re weighing our bags with!


So, what would you bring if it were limited to 100 pounds??


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  1. Mike G says:

    i still think i could’ve fit into one of those bags…

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