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“Why?” This has been the most common question asked to us . . . even more than “Are you crazy?”

I guess the most straight forward answer can be . . . well, we might be – just a little.

But, why not? We’ve worked very hard to create this wonderful opportunity that not everyone gets. We’re at a crossroads of our lives and this gets to be one of our paths to choose. We can opt for a life of domesticity and normalcy with a mortgage and weekends spent cutting the lawn. OK – we’d buy a condo so there wouldn’t be a lawn to cut – and we would get to enjoy our weekends sipping mojitos on our deck looking over a downtown skyline. Work, sleep, repeat. Indeed, a nice life.

Or – we can take this time and attempt to make an impact in our global community. We can take this time and travel.

We aren’t weighed down by many of the common issues and limitations that most people have.

We are both relatively young
We have all our health (and most of our wits)
We don’t have kids
We don’t carry debt
We save our money
We live well within our means

. . . and we really like to travel.

Christine was lucky enough to have been  in the Peace Corps before. She was placed Jamaica for 2 years in a small community just outside Montego Bay in the northwest part of the island. After the Peace Corps and after college, Christine began working in the school system – and getting summers off. What a deal! She would spend the spring term of the school year preparing for her trip and the following fall basking in the glow in the memories of a well spent summer traveling through the world.

I didn’t really do much traveling before I met Christine. My traveling had been only  within the confines of Canada & the U.S.. When we met in 2005, I didn’t even have a passport! Shameful, I know. I grew up reading books and watching movies of adventures in faraway places I’d never knew existed with names I couldn’t really pronounce. I guess I’ve always wanted to be somewhere else. Not because I didn’t like where I was or who I was with . . . I just wanted to know what it was like to drink from a coconut on a sandy beach, feel the stinging frozen air during a Scandinavian snow storm, or to be overwhelmed by the sights and sounds of an overcrowded train making its way across a desert in India.

We met in March 2005, and by that July I had a passport in my hand, a silly smirk on my face,  and met Christine in Guatemala while she was on another amazing summer trip. Christine has done more traveling than I have. When we met my two countries of experience paled in comparison to the 30+ countries that Christine had been to.


In May 2017, we grabbed the backpacks again – but not to join the circus. This time we’ve joined the Peace Corps. We’ve been selected to be Primary English Literacy Co-Teachers in the Eastern Caribbean.

The condo is sold, the car is sold, and possessions have been sold or donated.

This just seems like the right thing to do, and it feels right.

We’re grabbing our backpacks again, holding each other’s hand, walking on a plane, and continuing the adventure of a lifetime.


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  1. Loekie says:

    Hey B&P,
    I totally agree with the stuff you say above… but that doesn’t make you less crazy:)) I just had a look at you itinerary and it looks amazing! Only by seeing and dreaming about all these places must be amazing. Hopefully the preparations are going okay, and its already less than a month from now:))
    Cy, david

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